Episode 10

Rebel and Create with Ned Schaut

Ned W. Schaut is the author of "Rebel and Create.” On this episode, he shares with Matt his ambition to make the world a better place. Ned wants there to be more engaged men in this world that can shepherd and foster the next generation. Ned believes that engagement is the key to experiencing more in life.

Topics Covered

00:58 Ned shares his story about himself and his family.

04:18 Ned talks about growing up in church and aging up in California.

11:29.The importance of self-reflection and what is most important to Ned.

12:40 His experience building a youth center.

21:52 Why Ned relocated from California to Hawaii 

27:57, Ned discusses his podcast "Rebel and Create".

32:08 TEDx talk by Ned

46:10 How to overcome difficulties and obstacles by maintaining an optimistic attitude

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Resources Mentioned

’Rebel and Create’

Ned’s podcast

Fatherhood Legacy Journal

Ned’s TEDx Talk

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