Episode 9

Positive Money Principles with Cindy Morgan Jaffe

Cindy Morgan Jaffe believes that improving our relationship with money can be life-changing for everyone. She's also a nationally qualified counselor, a Certified Life and Recovery Coach, and an XChange Guide. She helps people have a positive attitude toward money. She shares her money perspective and how she thinks about making money and spending it wisely.

Topics Covered

05:43 - Cindy talks about what she learned from her family's financial challenges

17:23 - How Cindy overcame her eating disorder and the lessons she learned

23:47 - The way relationships made an impact on her life.

31:33 - Cindy shares her seven principles for living a rich life

42:21 - What money dating and the principle behind it

53:17 - The first positive money principle: which is choice

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Jackson Hole

Middlebury college

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