Episode 11

Making Your Life a Dream Machine with Dane Espegard

Dane Espegard is a culture consultant who teaches, assists and executes the implementation of a culture centered around Dream Achieving. On this episode, Dane shares how seemingly ordinary people can create the life of their dreams. Dane also shares his systematic process to identifying and accomplishing dreams in the most important areas of your life. The system is bottom-up and puts the emphasis on the development and personal lives of the team member. Dane now works with companies in a very simple manner to get the culture started and leaves them with some very easy to implement steps.

Topics Covered

03:01 - Dane talks about his family and why he decided to move to Austin

08:07 - The challenges that Dane experienced moving his family cross-country.

17:03 - What lessons Dane learned from experiencing his recent challenges

24:15 - How Dane has been able to work less hours but increase his income

34:00 - The impact dream workshops have had on Dane’s family, business, and community

43:50 - What Dane and his wife are doing to improve their relationship and marriage

49:37 - How you can get in touch with Dane

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Resources Mentioned

Front Row Dads

Vector Marketing

Dreams Workshop


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