Episode 8

Lessons from Losing a Loved One with Rich Campe

Rich Campe is the CEO at ProAdvisorCoach, a dear friend and mentor, and a fascinating individual. We call him ‘The Wizard’ because he is the one of the most captivating speakers around. On this episode, Rich shares the challenges that turned him into the individual he is today. Despite his professional success, Rich has dealt with serious internal challenges that have turned him into an incredible individual — and he shares those lessons.

Topics Covered

  • Rich shares how an early diagnosis shaped his childhood and early adult life
  • How Rich lost $26,000 of his family’s money at the age of 21
  • The lessons Rich learned from experiencing a devastating loss in his family
  • Rich shares why he thinks it’s so important for people to keep up with technology
  • How the culture of employees and business has shifted significantly in recent years
  • The advice Rich would give to budding entrepreneurs or business owners

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Resources Mentioned

Pro Advisor Coach

Tony Robbins

St. Simon’s Island

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