Episode 47

Rising Above Challenges: A Story Of Entrepreneurship With Josh Goodman

In this episode of the Eternal Optimist podcast, host Josh Goodman shares his remarkable journey from staffing industry employee to successful business owner in the draft beer and beverage industry. He shares how he reached out to a local expert to gain industry knowledge and how he secured a $10 million project with a public company. Josh also talks about his successful partnership with an Austrian company, which doubled his sales with their investment. Despite facing challenges like nightly server outages, being asked to sign a 30 year non-compete, and an investor backing out at the last minute, Josh persevered and achieved great success. He shares some of his most memorable moments, such as seeing his system implemented in a high volume location and receiving tickets to the Masters from an investor. Josh's story is a testament to his resilience and determination, and it is sure to inspire listeners who are striving for entrepreneurial success.

Topics Covered:

  • 00:00:00 Building A Legacy Together
  • 00:02:41 The Eternal Optimist Podcast: Interviewing Josh Goodman
  • 00:04:46 Overcoming Obstacles In Life And Work
  • 00:09:24 A Unfair Business Deal
  • 00:10:07 Pain Leads To Growth And A Desire To Work For Oneself
  • 00:14:04 Selling Carpets In The Rain: A Failed Venture
  • 00:17:05 A Chance Encounter At The Masters Leads To A Partnership In Self Serve Beer Tap Systems
  • 00:18:40 The Rise Of The Beer Table Concept: From South America To Baltimore
  • 00:27:05 Starting A New Company: Challenges And Breakthroughs
  • 00:28:26 Finding Strong Partnerships After Difficult Relationships
  • 00:30:26 Collaboration Brings Success
  • 00:38:02 A Valuable Lesson Learned With A Smile
  • 00:41:24 Securing Investment From Coca-Cola Despite A Global Crisis

Links and Resources Mentioned:

Pour My Beer Website - https://pourmybeer.com/

Josh Goodman's LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshgoodman9/

Josh Goodman's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/selfpourjosh/?hl=en

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